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Art Edition: Embracing Nature through Screen Printing with Earth Pigments

Art Edition: Embracing Nature through Screen Printing with Earth Pigments

For thousands of years, leaves, fruits, and soil have served as raw materials for a wide variety of dyes. These ancient materials result in a stunning array of natural colors, each with its unique hue and character.
My new "Art Edition" seeks to revive this tradition, using natural pigments to create beautiful screen-printed art that brings a piece of the earth into your home.

I've always envisioned working with nature in a more personal and intimate way. This project was a long dream of mine and involved turning natural earth pigments into screen-printing inks—a fascinating but also challenging endeavor. Creating these natural inks involved numerous trials and errors, and many fresh starts. One significant challenge was getting the fine pigments to pass evenly through the printing-sieve and ensuring the paint remained flexible enough to print 50 to 100 pieces without drying out in the sieve. This process required patience, persistence, and a lot of experimentation. 
Balancing this project with my busy business meant often putting it on hold for a few months until a new idea or piece of advice from a fellow printer inspired me to continue. It was a lengthy journey, but the breakthrough finally came this spring.
During a trip to the south of France, I discovered the most beautiful pigments, collected from the warm, sun-kissed earth of Provence. I couldn't resist bringing back my luggage filled with these exquisite natural pigments. This trip not only provided me with the materials I needed but also infused my spirit with fresh inspiration.
Back home, I finally perfected the right recipe for my natural inks. 
The result is a collection of prints that are not only beautiful but also a testament to the patience and care involved in working with nature.
The reward is a piece of art that carries the essence of the earth, a connection to the natural world that you can feel in your own space.

This "Art Edition" is a celebration of nature and the timeless beauty of its colors. Each piece brings a touch of earth into your home, a little reminder of the beauty found in nature.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope these prints bring as much joy and inspiration to you as creating them has brought to me.
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