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8 Cosmic Gift Ideas for a Beautiful Soul.

Are you looking for some inspiration for a special someone 
who loves all things cosmic? Here are some great suggestions that are sure to light up their universe. 

1. Dream Journal

A dream journal is beautiful way to gain insight into your inner emotions, thoughts, and inspirations. By recording your dreams, you can explore the depths of your subconscious and discover hidden meanings behind your dreams. It can also help you to remember recurring patterns or themes in your dreams, and you may even find that it leads to greater creativity and self-awareness.


2. New Growth - Gift Set

A new beginning deserves a gift, complete with a beautiful linen bag, white sage, and palo santo. The affirmation card is a little reminder:
Let the old go, so the new can grow.

A message from your inner cosmos ✨

This card deck invites you to look inward, reflect, and set intentions that will guide you on your journey. Close your eyes, ask a question - and draw a card to receive a message from your inner universe.


4. Stay Gold Wild Soul

This timeless planner intuitively guides you through the seasons, based on the four solar holidays (solstices and equinoxes). The calendar shows you how to plan the year in harmony with nature. The natural cycles remind us that there is a time for everything.


5. Care-Letter

Sending surprise care letters is a great way to brighten someone's day. The envelopes come in various themes and contain small gifts.


 6. Little Kundalini Matches

Come on baby, light your fire! Handmade matches for rituals and ceremonies. 


7. Cosmic Moon Bandana

This velvety soft scarf with moon phases is perfect for any time of the year and adds a cosmic charm to your outfit.
The bandana can also be used as gift wrapping in a furoshiki style.


8. To a beautiful soul - Gift Tag

These adorable gift tags will enhance the beauty of every gift, perfect for the beautiful soul in your life.







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